Bucs’ Gerald McCoy HILARIOUSLY Tests Limits of NFL’s Relaxed Celebration Policy (Video)

gerald mccoy tests nfls new celebration policy

The NFL is lightening up a bit this year. After taking the time to actually listen to the players and, more importantly, the fans, Roger Goodell and company have decided to loosen their ridiculously strict, no-fun policy concerning touchdown celebrations.

Players are now allowed to use the ball as a prop, go to the ground, do snow angels, and engage in group celebrations. However, prolonged acts, miming weapons, offensive gestures, and sexually suggestive gestures are still off limits.

Of course, the new guidelines still leave the door open to interpretation. What’s “sexually suggestive” to one person may be totally normal to the next.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers tackle Gerald McCoy wants to know exactly where to draw the line. This week, when NFL ref Ed “Look at These Guns” Hochuli visited Bucs training camp for the latest episode of HBO’s Hard Knocks, McCoy took the opportunity to ask him exactly what is and is not allowed under the new celebration rules.

The result was hilarious, as McCoy broke down a series of dance moves and facial expression for the veteran NFL ref to evaluate. Take a look:


“That’s not sexual, that’s grooving.”

Sounds like a good interpretation to me.

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