Grizzlies’ Fizdale Calls Trump Supporters ‘Delusional In The Mind’ For Defending Trump’s Charlottesville Remarks (VIDEO)

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Immediately following the terrible events that took place in Charlottesville, where a guy purposely rammed his car into a crowd of people, killing one and injury many others, the country was on edge waiting for the President to condemn what happened. What they got was a controversial statement where President Donald Trump blamed the violence ‘on many sides,’ instead of pointing the finger at the White Supremacists and neo-Nazis.

You can add Memphis Grizzlies head coach David Fizdale to a long list of individuals who were not pleased with how Trump handled the press conference afterwards.

He discussed the matter with MLK50’s Wendi C. Thomas, and spoke out against Trump’s response and his supporters, even referring to them as “delusional in the mind”:


It’s disgusting (to equate the Nazi marchers with Black Lives Matter protesters). What are you talking about here? How can you even say that? You watch those people march up the street with their little – they’re so ridiculous looking with their tiki torches; they’ve actually got tiki torches; that says enough – but you see them marching up the street and what’s coming out of their mouths, and you tell me that they’re just there quietly protesting? And you’re telling me that there were some good people in that crowd?

You can’t say that. If you’re standing next to these people with a torch, and whether your mouth is closed or open, if they’re saying that, on the way to that march, and they’re saying that, you get out of that line. You get as far away from that line as possible. So the fact that they were in unison, marching, saying all of these things, you can’t tell me there’s a good person in there. And for (President Trump) to put those protesters that were there to stop them in the same boat as those awful, evil people that are there to just wreak havoc on that beautiful city, I’ve been to that city; Charlottesville is an awesome city.”

“If you put a Muslim in that car (that killed a protester opposing the white supremacists), what are you calling that person, right? You’re a terrorist. For this to happen and for our president to put that on the same level as people trying to fight hate and bigotry, peacefully, and standing up for their country and their city and saying this is not acceptable here, when our country went to war, and millions of people died from that war, and now you’re letting it happen on our streets? You can’t put that on the same level. For anyone who can sit there and defend his comments? You’re either stupid, honestly, you’re either just stupid or you’re sick. That’s how I’m looking at it. Sick, I mean you’re totally delusional in the mind. You’re totally like, there is something going on internally with you that’s not right. Because there’s no way you can listen to those comments, agree with what he said, and do it with a common sense logic. I’m sorry, there’s just no way I can see you saying that.

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