Kevin Durant Explained Why Cavs Can’t Trade LeBron James on Twitter (Tweets)

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Image via Getty

I’m not entirely sure I follow Kevin Durant‘s logic in this Twitter discussion with a fan, but maybe you’ll have more luck than I do.

It starts off with this comment from KD, which was in response to a Twitter discussion about the Cavs trading LeBron James:

I can’t tell if KD’s talking about some moral obligation here or what. But it goes on. 

I dunno, KD. LeBron could get you a lot in return.

What KD doesn’t seem to grasp is that he’s speaking to the very same loyalty between owner and player that he didn’t have when he left OKC. But he continues…

Yeah, the Cavs DO have a knack for making out like bandits in the lottery, now don’t they?

Maybe KD is just saying this so the Warriors sign him in the offseason.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, someone did bring up that whole Durant-leaving-OKC thing.  KD seemed to take it well: 

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