Max Kellerman Believes ‘It’s A Disgrace’ That Not One White Player Has Joined Anthem Protest (VIDEO)

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All it took was a photo of Colin Kaepernick sitting in the preseason last year to set off a wave of emotions, as the then-San Francisco 49ers QB explained he would not be standing for a flag where minorities are treated unequally by cops and society in general.

Many other athletes have since joined in that protest over the past year, but not one Caucasian athlete has spoken out nor joined the anthem protest. And that’s huge problem, according to ESPN’s Max Kellerman.

The ‘First Take’ co-host stated on Thursday that it’s a disgrace and an embarrassment that not one person is willing to take a stand or kneel with their teammates, much like former Dodgers player Pee Wee Reese did back when Jackie Robinson was being boo’d and heckled by fans—an example Kellerman used.

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