Saints Fire Team Doctors After Delvin Breaux’s Fractured Leg Was Diagnosed as a Bruise

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The New Orleans Saints have fired team orthopedists Deryk Jones and Misty Suri after it was discovered they misdiagnosed the leg injury of cornerback Devlin Breaux.

Last week, a report from the New Orleans Advocate suggested the Saints were ready to trade Breaux, their best cornerback, because he couldn’t play through a string of what they thought were just “nagging injuries,” the latest being a bruise on his leg.

The Saints changed their minds about Breaux on Tuesday, when they discovered that his bruise was actually a fractured fibula that Jones and Suri somehow missed. The injury requires surgery that will keep Breaux on the sidelines for four to six weeks.


According to team sources, Saints coach Sean Payton was “livid” when the team learned of the misdiagnosis. Apparently there had been other “incidents of frustration” with team medical staff in the past, and this was the “final straw.”

“I think it’s not one event, it probably builds up over a period of time,” Payton told ESPN when asked about the decision to can the doctors. “You’re not gonna bat a thousand here, but you’re just hoping that more often than not, you’re getting the right information.”

On Tuesday night Payton spoke to the team about the situation in a closed doors meeting.

“Coach talked to the team last night, and we were kind of asked to keep that conversation private,” Saints union rep Thomas Morstead said. “But what I will say is that I thought he did a great job of basically promising the team that they’re gonna have people…that players feel like have their best interests at heart and are competent. He made that promise to the team. And so I think that message was very well-received, and that’s all any of us can ask for, really, as players.”

It’s unclear how the firing will effect the Saints’ relationship with Ochsner Health Systems, where the fired orthopedists worked. The team has a marketing relationship with Ochsner, but Payton says they are not required to use their doctors and won’t commit to doing so in the future.

Ochsner thinks otherwise. In a statement, they insist they “will continue to provide all other healthcare services to both the team’s players, families and staff.”

We’ll see about that.

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