Tampa Bay Bucs Teammates Prank Rookies With Huge $26,000 Bill At Restaurant

Much like most teams in the league, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a long-standing tradition of pranking the incoming rookies. They spared no one when the newest batch of fresh faces came aboard for this year.

Traditionally, the rookies on the squad are forced to split a bill after the entire team goes out to eat, but the players on the squad outdid themselves this time in a major way.

The entire offensive line went to Ruth’s Chris Steak House, where they managed to rack up an eyebrow raising bill that came out to $26,000, which rookies Korren Kirven and Cole Gardner had to split.


The older players laughed it up as the rookies were sent into a state of shock and internally panicking, as they thought they had to pay $13K each…

But it was all for not. The bill was fake.

“It’s a fake bill,” veteran Donovan Smith tweeted. “We tricked the rookies.”



The actual bill was $3,000, but the vets had one more surprise as they decided to let the rookies off the hook and paid the bill for them.

“We didn’t have to pay for anything,” Kirven said, via ESPN. “We were shocked at first when we saw the bill. We thought we weren’t gonna make it. But at the end, knowing they paid it was pretty cool of them.”

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