Eagles De Chris Long Says He Wanted To Support Jenkins ‘As A White Athlete’ Against Racial Injustice

Buffalo Bills v Philadelphia Eagles

Last night, Chris Long became the first Caucasian athlete to answer the call after he wrapped his arm around teammate Malcolm Jenkins, who had his fist raised as a continuation of his national anthem protest.


Following the game, Long wanted to make it clear that everybody is in the same fight together, and that simple gesture may be the spark this protest needs to get something accomplished.

“If you don’t see why you need allies for people that are fighting for equality right now, I don’t think you’ll ever see it,” Long said after the game, according to Tim McManus of ESPN. “So my thing is, Malcolm is a leader and I’m here to show support as a white athlete.”

This was Long’s first statement about the Anthem, but he’s been extremely vocal about the riots in his hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia, which shocked the nation just last week.

Jenkins appreciated the gesture from Long and recited the conversation they had following their display of solidarity.

“He kind of pulled me aside and said that he wanted to do something in support of me … I asked him just a couple of questions, really the main thing was what message was he trying to get across, and that message was that more white men should feel the need, especially after what’s recently transpired in Charlottesville, but even before that, that more white males should take the position of an ally, in support. Not somebody who’s trying to undermine or take over or draw attention to themselves, which is why I don’t think he did exactly what I was doing.”

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