Jay Z on Big Baller Brand: “Why Do We Get Upset As A Culture When We Want to Start Our Own Sh*t”

LaVar Ball

Since the beginning of the year, LaVar Ball has been a staple on just about every sports network. Analysts fight to have him on their show in hopes of getting that next big soundbite that’ll give them the ratings they so desperately need.

When LaVar Ball demanded to get $1 billion up front from some of the top shoe companies in the world, it was met with a swift no from Under Armour, Adidas, and Nike.

He then went another route and started Big Baller Brand. And when he released Los Angeles Lakers PG Lonzo Ball’s signature shoe under the brand, it was met with a bit of love, and a whole lot of hate.

Jay Z can’t seem to understand why.

For whatever reason, the legendary rapper had some uplifting things to say about the outspoken father during an interview on a TIDAL podcast.


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