Oakland Raiders’ Sean Smith Reportedly ‘Stomped The Head’ of His Sister’s BF & Left Him Unconscious

San Diego Chargers v Oakland Raiders

On Thursday, breaking news came out that Oakland Raiders cornerback Sean Smith was arrested on a felony assault charge for an alleged altercation that occurred on July 4th.

More info has emerged of what exactly happened that fateful day and the details are quite gruesome.

Investigators described what Smith did to his sister’s boyfriend:

“Oakland Raiders cornerback Sean Smith allegedly beat his sister’s boyfriend so badly during a July 4 attack, the guy was hospitalized in critical condition with multiple broken bones in his face, TMZ Sports has learned. 

Law enforcement tells us … officers responded to calls of an unconscious male on the streets of Pasadena and when help arrived they found him bloody and beaten on the sidewalk. 

We’re told it was obvious the man had multiple facial fractures. 

Cops previously said Smith beat the man and then stomped his head. 

Investigators spoke with multiple witnesses — and fingered Smith as the assailant. “

Smith has since denied any involvement and vowed to fight the case against him. He faces a maximum sentence of seven years in prison if convicted. His first court date is scheduled for Sept. 29.

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