Cops Stepping Up Efforts to Catch Hookers & Johns During Mayweather-McGregor Fight Weekend

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

TMZ is reporting that, surprise, surprise, a bunch of rich people going to a boxing match in Vegas might be looking for hookers as well.

More specifically, law enforcement is spreading the message that if you’re looking to pay for sex, you’ll probably want to do so where it’s legal—outside the city, rather than in the city, where it’s rampant, but technically forbidden.

While this is certainly one of the more sensational crackdowns, many departments are working together to ensure Vegas is safe during the high-profile boxing match.

Says TMZ:

We’re told multiple law enforcement agencies are joining forces for the event — with Las Vegas Metro PD, the Dept. of Homeland Security and other agencies working together to keep Vegas safe. 

That’s all a good idea, but hopefully they will devote more resources to the important stuff outside of hookers and johns and such.

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