Khloe Kardashian Reportedly Pressuring Tristan Thompson For A Baby But He Keeps Telling Her No

Khloe Kardashian

Back in December, Tristan Thompson welcomed his first child into the world with ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig, who he left (while she was pregnant) to pursue a relationship with Khloe Kardashian.

After watching her new man run off multiple times to be with his ex-girlfriend for doctor’s appointments and for the birth of his child, Khloe has been reportedly pressuring the Cleveland Cavaliers big man to give her a baby, as she feels her biological clock is ticking away.

Only one problem. He keeps telling her no. This is why

“Khloe wants to make her baby dreams come true by letting nature take its course with boyfriend Tristan Thompson, 26, but time is ticking! “Khloe is determined to have a natural baby with Tristan and she wants to do it ASAP.

“Tristan however is a little hesitant only because of timing. While he feels he will be a great father to their kids, and they both want lots of kids, Tristan feels like he just had a baby not long ago with another woman. He wants to put some time between his last child and starting a new family with Khlo.”

“So, for now, Khloe is doing her best to be patient, but she won’t wait much longer. She has been convinced that she wants to be a mom for years and is running out of time.”

Let’s take a closer look at Jordan Craig, the ex-girlfriend he left for Khloe Kardashian:


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