Little Leaguer Leaps Over Center Field Wall for INSANE Catch at Junior League World Series (Video)

amazing catch little league world series

Austin Jackson and Billy Hamilton have some competition for “Catch of the Year” honors. And it’s not from a fellow big leaguer.

During the championship game at the Junior League World Series on Sunday—that’s like the Little League World Series, but for 13-15 year olds—an outfielder for the East team made one of the greatest baseball catches of all time at any level.

Jack Regenye, who plays for the team Kennett-Unionville, Pennsylvania, leapt up and over the wall in center field to rob Chinese Taipei of a home run.

Take a look at this:

Absolutely ridiculous, right?

At first the umpires didn’t even know if it was legal. The initial call on the field was a home run. However, after conferring with each other for a few minutes, the officials reversed the call and ruled it a catch—the single greatest catch of Jack Regenye’s young life.

Unfortunately, the catch did not do much to affect the outcome of the game. Chinese Taipei went on to win 12-1.

Hat Tip – [theScore]

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