Bill Belichick Got REALLY Fired Up Talking About the Solar Eclipse (Video)


Bill Belichick is about as stoic (some would say joyless) as they come, but maybe that’s just because we haven’t been talking about the right things. Give the Patriots’ infamously serious coach a chance to prattle on about yesterday’s solar eclipse and he’ll talk your ear off…

Well, not quite, but he’ll liven up a bit. Here he is answering a question from reporters about the solar eclipse during yesterday’s press conference:

Asked about the astronomical phenomenon, he said, “Yeah, I mean, it’s great.”

There you have it, folks. Those simple words said with a smile by Belichick is tantamount to a regular guy hootin’ and hollerin’.

I guess we got to experience two once-in-a-lifetime phenomena yesterday. Don’t get used to either one.

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