NBA Teams Had Lots of Fun Trolling the Suns During Monday’s Eclipse (Tweets)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

America caught eclipse fever on Monday. As the moon passed in front of the sun, large swaths of the country got to witness the most magnificent celestial phenomenon there is.

Of course, while most people couldn’t get enough of it, the folks on the Phoenix Suns social media team are glad it’s all over. The Suns got a lot of mentions on Twitter Monday, as other NBA teams simply could not resist posting videos of “Suns getting blocked.”

Take a look:

Obviously, there’s nothing offensive here. It was all in good fun. But all the extra traffic had to be exhausting for the Suns’ social media team.

That being said, it should be noted that they handled themselves very well:

Well played, Suns. Now please, get back to work on that Kyrie Irving deal.

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