Watch 13-Year-Old Little Leaguer Jayce Blalock Smash 400-Foot Home Run Off Second Deck at Braves’ Sun Trust Park (Video)

Jayce Blalock 13-year-old Little Leaguer Hits 400-foot home run at Atlanta Braves stadium

Jayce Blalock is just 13 years old right now. But this kid is going to win the MLB Home Run Derby in 2025. So if you see any sports books offering that bet, you should probably take it.

Earlier this month Jayce made headlines when he hit a ball 375 feet during a Little League World Series game. This week the slugging prodigy is proving that moonshot was no fluke.

On Tuesday, the Georgia native got to take batting practice at the Atlanta Braves’ Sun Trust Park. All he did was crush a home run approximately 400 feet off the face of the second deck in left field.

Take a look:

Yes, the kid was using a metal bat. Yes, skeptics will say he’s not really 13. But even if this kid if 15, that’s pretty damned impressive. I’m a bit past my athletic prime now, but I’m fairly certain that at no point in my life could I have hit a baseball 400 feet.

So remember this kid’s name. In a couple of years, when people start calling him the next Bryce Harper, you can say you heard of him first.

Hat Tip – [Bro Bible]

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