Antonio Freeman Can’t Wear His Super Bowl Ring, and It’s All Brett Favre’s Fault

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

We’ve heard lots of stories about how hard Brett Favre threw to his receivers. Here’s one more.

Speaking to The Big Lead, former Packers wide receiver Antonio Freeman was asked if he wears his Super Bowl ring, only to respond that he can’t anymore.

The reason why? “Actually, Favre fractured or dislocated 7 of my 10 fingers, so unfortunately the ring no longer fits.”

Ouch. SEVEN? Why does Favre hate his teammates so much?!?!

This is not just one man’s account. According to ESPN (via FTW), Robert Brooks wove a similar story:

Brett’s got a bullet for an arm, it’s tough. I’ve broken a lot of fingers messing with that guy. I had to get my wedding ring custom-fitted and I’m waiting for it to come back right now because Brett broke my ring finger about three times, the same finger. He takes pride in that. He chalks up how many fingers he gets during training camp.

Takes pride in breaking his teammate’s fingers? What a psychopath. Shame on you, Brett Favre.

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