Jon Jones’ Teammate Says That Failed Drug Test Was a SET UP!

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Image via TMZ

In the wake of the not-so-shocking news that MMA fighter Jon Jones failed yet another PED test, Frank Lester, one of his training partners, offered his thoughts on the matter.

Speaking to TMZ, he said, “I was just at dinner sitting next to Jon Jones when he got the phone call about this failed drug test.”

Oh, there’s more.

He adds the following:

“Supposedly the story is between weigh ins and fight night he took an oral steroid. Which makes zero sense since it wouldn’t do anything at all for Jon to do so. It takes weeks for steroids to build up in your system to be a performance enhancer. Jon was devastated to say the least. This is a setup, straight-up, no athlete would test clean his entire fight camp, and then randomly take some cheap f*cking oral steroid between weigh ins and fight night knowing he would be tested once he got done fighting.”

Well, the logic is kinda sound, but it assumes the person in this hypothetical is logical, too. Lots of athletes do dumb stuff, and Jones has proven to be no exception.

Lester finished with the following statement:

“Let’s see what happens with all of this but I truly believe Jon is innocent & I hope that all of you will give him a fair chance before you send hateful judgments his way.”

We’ve heard this before.

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