Update: Ryen Russillo Was Found Fully Nude & Incoherent In A Condo That Didn’t Belong To Him Before Arrest


On Wednesday, TMZ dropped a bombshell that ESPN host Ryen Russillo had gotten himself arrested in Wyoming for criminal entry.

Details were sketchy in the beginning, but as the hours progressed, the story on what happened began to present itself and become much clearer.

Two people were sleeping in Jackson, Wyo., when they heard someone enter their residence, according to Jackson Hole News & Guide. They asked the ESPN host to leave, but he did not. Police arrived shortly afterward and arrested him, the report said.

“Occupants pointed the suspect out who was found in a bedroom,” Jackson Police Lt. Roger Schultz told the publication, who added that Russillo didn’t know where he was and appeared “to have just walked in” the possibly unlocked condo.

“He couldn’t coherently answer any questions,” said Schultz, referring to Russillo as “intoxicated.”

The affidavit states: “Officers found the defendant, later identified as Ryen August Russillo, lying on the bed in the south bedroom naked except for his pants around his ankles.”

As of this current moment, he is still in jail.

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