Angry Golfer, Apparently Fed Up With This Sh*t, Throws Entire Bag Into Lake (Video)

angry golfer throws clubs in lake

When golf goes right it can be relaxing and zen-like. When golf goes wrong, as it so often does, it can fill you with a fiery rage that makes you want to burn everything to the ground.

This post is about the latter feeling.

Check out the video below. We don’t know who this golfer is. We don’t know where he is from. We don’t know if he suffered a series of unlucky bounces, if his dog died that morning, or if he just happened to be playing particularly sh*tty golf. All we know is that he got so pissed that he threw his entire f&%#ing golf back in the motherf&%#ing lake:

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I’ve seen golfers break individual clubs over their knees. I’ve seen them throw individual clubs into the water. But I have never seen somebody threw an entire bag into the drink.

Really, though, what golfer hasn’t wanted to do this? What golfer hasn’t renounced the game with a flurry of f-bombs after a string of terrible shots?

The sad thing is, about 30 seconds after this video was shot, that dude was probably wading in the water to retrieve his clubs so he could finish his round. Because golfers love to torture themselves.

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