DeSean Jackson’s Side Chick Puts Him on Blast Because He Didn’t Give Her Money & Shopping Sprees

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This is not how DeSean Jackson wanted to start off his career in Tampa after signing a three-year, $35 million contract that includes $20 million guaranteed with the Buccaneers.

Jackson has a child with Kayla Phillips, his girlfriend of many years, but that all may change after a side chick he was dealing with decided to go public with their relationship, all because he promised to give her money and shopping sprees, but never delivered.

“NFL star DeSean Jackson has been caught cheating on his beautiful girlfriend Kayla Phillips of many years. DeSean has been caught cheating on her in the past by us but this time we have him in action with another girl! DeSean has been hooking up with this girl since early February and the girl tells us that he tells her that he’s only with Kayla for their young son. The woman sent us flight receipts, text messages and more. This will be DeSean third time with another woman within a year. FAMEOLOUS spotted DeSean with Erica Mena months ago and we caught him in the hotel with an L.A hoe in Miami. However, we didn’t have receipts like we have now.”

You can check out images of Jackson and his side chick in their hotel room here and here.

Here’s a hotel key and GAME CARD for the Tampa Bay vs Jacksonville game last week


She tells FAMEOLOUS that she has been sleeping with him since the beginning of the year

The last time she spoke with him was on Saturday, when she basically told him he wasn’t keeping his promises—to give her money and shopping sprees.

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