Elderly Steelers Fan Beaten & Shaved By Daughter and Granddaughter for Listing to Game Too Loud

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Well, that headline sure is a mouthful, but there’s a lot of information to convey here, folks.

According to the Tribune-Review, an unnamed woman was assaulted and had her head shaved by her daughter, 40-year-old Delores Amorino, and granddaughter, 17-year-old Sarah Amorino, for listening to her Steelers preseason game on the radio a little too loud.

According to Deadspin:

The affidavit states that the Amorinos’ abuse included Delores twisting the unnamed victim’s arm, as well as Sarah hitting her in the face with a broom, choking her with her bare hands and a scarf, and shaving her head “using scissors and a shaver.” This all happened after the grandmother tried to watch the Steelers game on TV, before switching to a radio.

Both women were arrested, thankfully, for “aggravated assault, criminal conspiracy, strangulation, terroristic threats, false imprisonment, simple assault, harassment and criminal mischief.” Their bail was set at a pricey $200,000 each. The 17-year-old is being charged as an adult, because…good.

Look out Raiders fans. You just got some serious competition for the title of “Most depraved fans in the NFL.”

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