Watch: Gronk, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Others Make Cameos in Bathsh*t Insane Katy Perry Video

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Kary Perry released the video for her new song, “Swish Swish,” on Thursday. With a name like that, you’d expect the video to have a sports theme, and it does. The thing features cameos by such sports celebrities as Rob Gronkowski, Karl-Anthony Towns, Joey Chestnut, Rich Eisen, and Bill Walton.

So how is the video? I’m glad you asked. It’s pretty freakin’ weird! There’s some sort of wrestling-basketball game, with Katy Perry and the weird kid from Stranger Things on one side, and The Mountain from Game of Thrones on the other side. Meanwhile, Terry Crews and Molly Shannon are the coaches.

At first Katy Perry’s team is terrible. But then Nicki Minaj performs a halftime show, and all of a sudden Perry’s team is great. Then Terry Crews’ head explodes, Molly Shannon starts making out with the referees, and eventually everyone starts doing the “Swish Swish” dance.

Like I said, weird.

Of course, at time of writing the video already has over 2.5 million views, with 401k likes and only 43k dislikes. So apparently I’m the crazy one.

Take a look and judge for yourself, though. Gronk’s cameo comes at the 2:25 mark, while Towns shows up at 6:05:

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Seriously, when does football season start?

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