Million Dollar Bets Coming in on Floyd Mayweather at 11th Hour

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

In the days leading up to the fight, as many had predicted, the “whales” from around the world are putting big money on heavy favorite Floyd Mayweather. ESPN is reporting that multiple $1 million+ bets had been placed on Thursday, many at odds around -550, meaning that a winning million-dollar bet would net the bettor about $182,000 in addition to the return of their money.

This heavy action on Mayweather has tilted the odds in his favor, offering decreasing returns for bets later this weekend. He’s now in the neighborhood of -600, meaning that a layperson would probably have to bet about $600 to make $100.

However, even with these big bets on Mayweather, the sports books still stand to lose a LOT of cash if Conor McGregor somehow pulls an upset. At the Westgate Sports Book, for every one bet on Mayweather, there were 12 on McGregor.

So not only do the boxers have no idea what they’re doing for this fight, but it seems like the sports books don’t either.

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