Young Boston Celtics Fan Grills Coach Brad Stevens on Why He Traded Isaiah Thomas (VIDEO)


Earlier this week, Boston Celtics fans had their world turned upside down as they weren’t sure how to feel about the franchise trading away their star point guard Isaiah Thomas to the Cleveland Cavaliers. In return, they did received another star point guard, just a taller one with some NBA Finals experience and a ring.

During a recent Q-and-A session at the Basketball Hall of Fame, a young Celtics fan couldn’t hold back from addressing the elephant in the room. He asked coach Brad Stevens why he traded Isaiah Thomas.

“What he did in Boston the last two-and-a-half-years has been incredible. I said earlier what he’s meant to me, what I think of him, how great he’s been in the locker room, what kind of teammate he’s been,” Stevens said, “and those are really, really, really hard decisions. That’s the hard part about being a professional basketball coach.

“I’ve stared at the wall many times and thought, man, having guys in college for three or four years and knowing exactly when they’re going is a pretty good way of doing things.”

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