Fans Are Already Frustrated with Fox’s New Hard-to-Read NFL Graphics (Tweets)

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 8.33.43 AM

You might take NFL graphics for granted, but you probably shouldn’t. You’re watching them about as much as you are the actual game, so little tweaks can make a big difference.

Fox is rolling out some new schemes and…people aren’t happy with what they’re seeing.

The graphics have been around for a few weeks, but people don’t watch preseason games, so now folks are a little worried that they’ll be saddled with these hard-to-read graphics come regular season.

I mean, if you can’t read the graphics, then it doesn’t really matter WHAT they look like, now does it?

I’ve never heard “too simple” as a criticism. Normally it’s “too cluttered.”

They do look like the very first menus for digital cable.

The people have spoken. Will Fox respond?

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