LeBron James: Conor McGregor’s ‘Tough as a Motherf*cker’ (VIDEO)

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Ask any expert or longtime boxing fan whether they believed Conor McGregor could last more than 5 rounds against the greatest boxer alive right now, they’d tell you hell no.

The UFC Lightweight Champion defied the odds and somehow lasted 10 grueling rounds with the undefeated legend, but ultimately ran out of gas en route to the referee having to stop the match because of the beat-down he was taking.

After the bout, Cleveland Cavs stars LeBron James and J.R. Smith had a candid conversation about the match that was caught by a TMZ cameraman.

LeBron: “You gotta respect [McGregor].” 

Smith: “The thing is he came out strong in the beginning of every round. He burnt himself out.”

LeBron: “You gotta respect him though because he ain’t no boxer. Tough as a motherf**ker though.”

Smith’s retort was hilarious — “Sh*t, give me $30 million! I’d be tough too for 30 minutes!” 

LeBron: “I’m dropping in the 1st round. I ain’t lasting 10.”

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