REPORT: Showtime Offering Refunds Due To Mayweather-McGregor PPV Issues


Great news for the people who were left in the dark over the weekend.

Showtime is offering refunds to those who experienced issues ordering the pay-per-view for Saturday’s fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather that delayed the fight several minutes.

Rep Chris DeBlasio had this to say in a statement:

We received a very limited number of complaints. We’re reviewing all of them carefully, and we will respond accordingly. Refunds are handled at the point of sale, so with regard to Showtime’s direct to consumer, our online offering of and Showtime PPV app, for those that could not see the fight on those platforms, Showtime will issue a full refund. Of course, the goal is to deliver at the highest quality all of the content.

This new development comes as a direct result of an Oregon man filing a lawsuit alleging he was met with “grainy video, error screens, buffer events, and stalls” soon after he purchased the mega-fight in high definition. also ran into the exact same problem as the supply and demand clearly exceeded expectations.

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