Social Media Reacts To Bleacher Report Calling Derek Carr The ‘Black Mamba’ of The NFL (TWEETS)


Heading into his 4th year in the league, Derek Carr has amassed over 11,000 yards, 81 touchdowns and 31 interceptions, not to mention, he lead the Oakland Raiders to their first playoff appearance for the first time since the 2002 season.

Although his season ended early with an injury, the young QB has impressed many so far and that was enough for Bleacher Report call him the ‘Black Mamba’ of the NFL.

Here’s just a snippet:

When Derek Carr senses weakness, when he smells blood in the water, the momentum is palpable. He fist-pumps, violently. Screams, loudly. Saliva spews from his mouth, and those baby blue eyes burn.

When an actual black mamba bites, you collapse in 45 minutes. Fail to treat the bite and, good night, you’ll die in seven hours. This venomous snake found in sub-Saharan Africa is one of the deadliest creatures on Earth.

That’s Kobe. That’s Carr.

Think the New England Patriots have no challengers in the AFC? Think again. It’s Oakland. It’s Carr. Mamba wannabes come and go. So many players claim to have killer instincts, but Carr is the closest the NFL has to Kobe. Everyone in his natural habitat, from Fresno to Oakland, has seen this Mamba grow…and grow…and knows what’s coming next.

Having only three years of experience and comparing him to Kobe already gave social media enough ammo to come firing in with hot takes of their own:


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