This Ugly Floyd Mayweather T-Shirt Commemorating His 50th Win Can Be Yours for the Low Low Price of $420 (Pic)


On Saturday, when he walked into T-Mobile arena for his superfight against Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather officially launched a collaboration with Phillip Plein.

Plein, one of the hottest fashion designers on the planet, was the man behind Mayweather’s much talked about ring walk outfit.

Take a look:

floyd mayweather fight outfit

Some people thought Floyd looked like he just came from robbing a bank. Personally I thought he looked like The Shredder, and that Plein maybe confused TMT with TMNT.

Either way, Floyd’s ring walk outfit was just the beginning. Now that Mayweather is officially 50-0, Phillip Plein has unveiled a couple of very special t-shirts to commemorate the achievement. And they are really something.

Take a look:

floyd mayweather t-shirt $420

I’m not sure why anyone not named Floyd Mayweather would want to wear one of these t-shirts. However, if you do, you’d better have a lot of disposable income.

The t-shirt on the left is $420. The one on the right is $780.

Right now you might be wondering, geez, are they made of gold? Well, the answer is yes. Yes they are are made of gold. Or at least, the print is gold. The one of the right also has Swarovski crystals, which accounts for the $360 price difference.

Sounds classy!

Buy one here.

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