Vontaze Burfict Tests Out New NFL Celebration Policy, Dances in Stands After Pick 6 (Video)

vontaze burfict dances in stands after pick 6 nfl celebration policy

The NFL decided to lighten up this year and give players a bit more leeway when celebrating touchdowns. However, the stunt Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict pulled in Washington on Sunday probably isn’t what they had in mind.

Burfict intercepted Kirk Cousins early in the second quarter of Sunday’s preseason game against Washington, then ran the ball all the way back for a 62-yard pick six. However, Burfict didn’t stop at the endzone. He ran right through it and leapt into the stands, where he proceeded to do a little dance as his Bengals teammates gathered around him.

Take a look:

That was an awesome touchdown celebration. It was exactly the kind of spontaneous fun the NFL has been missing in recent years. However, for obvious reasons, the league does not want players jumping into the stands. Especially on the road.

While Burfict was not flagged for this celebration, he can probably expect a call (well, (another one) from the head office telling him to knock it off.

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