Amar’e Side Chick Wants His Financial Records, Passports; Doesn’t Want To Work Since She Has An NBA Baby

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Looks like Amar’e Stoudemire got himself stuck in a situation he won’t be able to get out of for 18 years.

The former New York Knicks star had his world turned completely upside down after his side-chick blasted their secret affair that produced a child, all because he wasn’t paying enough and she doesn’t want to work anymore.

Stoudemire is already married with four kids.

Now, Quynn Lovett is suing him, and she wants everything so she never has to apply for a job again.

“Stoudemire’s alleged one time mistress turned baby mama Quynn Lovett filed court papers to force the NBA champ to hand over info like income information going more than three years back, all of his insurance papers, his passport and all of his financial statements.

A Florida family court judge agreed and said Stoudemire had 10 days to deliver the financial information, according to court documents.

But Stoudemire fired back and said that the money paperwork he already provided was enough and he didn’t have any other major income coming in because he’s not playing ball anymore. He said in court papers that he has provided evidence of his ability to support the baby girl with his current income and shouldn’t have to pony up any more info.

The married father of four said he was also currently unemployed after his contract with Israel’s pro-basketball team, “Hapoel Jerusalem” had ended, according to court papers.”

This isn’t her first rodeo, as Lovett has already done the same thing to former NBA player Chris Duhon.

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