Created Petition Calls For Rangers To Drop Texas Flag For Refusing To Swap Astros Series

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On the field, the Houston Astros and the Texas Rangers are rivals through and through, and it apparently extends off the field as well, even through a tragic event.

Houston residents are currently dealing with massive flooding around the city, as people are still waiting to be rescued days after Hurricane Harvey made landfall. Houston Astros president Reid Ryan was simply looking for some help and went to Arlington to seek it, asking the Texas Rangers to swap their two remaining home series, but they were met with a swift no.

Houston residents were not happy.  One in particular took to to create a petition demanding Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, strip the Rangers of the state flag on their jerseys.

The petition reads as follows:

“During the flooding of Hurricane Harvey in the greater Houston area, the Houston Astros approached the Texas Rangers about swapping the dates and locations of their final two series. Minute Maid Park in Houston would not be able to host the August 29th game,” the petition says.

“The Rangers refused, because they stated it was unfair to their fans. With everything going on in Texas and the spirit of unity, how can a team represent the great state of Texas by wearing the state flag, when they do not share in our state’s helping spirit.

“The Texas Rangers do not represent the state of Texas and therefore should not be allowed to wear our state’s Flag.”

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