Petition Calling For Mike Vick To Be Removed As Fox Sports Analyst Has 60K Signatures

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Last week, it was reported that FOX Sports was hiring Michael Vick. The former quarterback started his summer as an intern for the Kansas City Chiefs, and now he’s the newest member on the Fox Sports team.

As an intern with the Chiefs, Vick was met with people protesting outside the stadium. They also created a petition to get him off the team. Now that he’s moved on to bigger and better things, a new petition has begun and it’s calling for the former NFL QB to be removed as a member of the Fox Sports squad.

The petition reads as follows:

“Dear Mr. Shanks,

We are asking that you remove Michael Vick from his position as an analyst at FOX Sports. While we believe in second chances and that convicted felons should be able to acquire gainful employment, we do not believe that Michael Vick is repentant and as such, he should not hold a position of influence. He has never inquired as to how his fighting dogs fared after leaving his property nor did he offer any type of financial assistance to aid in their care outside his court-mandated fine. In fact, he served an abbreviated sentence for racketeering, not animal cruelty.

We believe that whatever it is within Michael Vick that made him capable of performing violent acts against innocent animals for entertainment and profit is not something that goes away. Call it evil, call it psychosis, call it what you will, but it is inherently woven into the fabric of his character. It’s still there. This is why he never reached out to ensure his dogs’ well-being.

Football in America is practically a religion. Players, coaches, owners, and TV personalities are revered in our communities. Our country’s children observe this behavior as they grow and incorporate the same reverence into their own lives, accepting what they are shown as being “okay,” and “normal.” For this reason, we do not believe that Michael Vick should hold a position of influence. He should not be elevated above your common man, being looked up to as an “expert.” The message that sends to our children is grievous and unacceptable to us.

We humbly ask that you reconsider the decision to hire Michael Vick. We will be boycotting FOX Sports and its sponsors until he is released from your company. Please do the right thing for our nation’s youth and compassionate people everywhere.


Compassionate Animal Lovers”

It took only 19 hours for the petition to reach 50,000 supporters. As of 5:30 pm ET, the petition has over 60K supporters.

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