UFC’s Derrick Lewis Battles Freezing Flood Water, Floating Fire Ants to Rescue Houston Hurricane Victims (VIDEO)

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Big ups to any athlete or entertainer leaving their lavish lifestyles to either put their money where their mouth is or actually getting out on the streets to help.

UFC star Derrick Lewis has spent the last two days out in the flood waters of Houston to help struggling families escape their homes after being trapped. This means overcoming all obstacles in the way, including freezing cold water along with floating fire ants.

“Basically, I’m just looking around and seeing anyone that need help.”

Derrick says he put information on his Facebook page — and if people reach out in need of assistance, he rolls out immediately … “no matter where they at.”

Lewis says he’s seen people in bad shape — and that’s why he’s motivated to keep helping.

“I believe about 30 minutes ago I just helped an elderly couple and he was covered in ants all over and he was just like trembling in his house.”

“He didn’t even worry about the ants that was all over him. He didn’t even bother to knock them off. You could tell he was in shock … the water is real cold right now.”

Lewis says he’s been bit up by the ants as well. Footage has surfaced showing ants swarming together to stay afloat in the waters. It’s a serious problem for people.”

Here’s those crazy fire ants:

This is also ridiculous:

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