Aaron Rodgers Debuts Breathtaking New Mustache at Packers Camp (Pic)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

A lot of Green Bay Packers fans blamed Aaron Rodgers‘ fiancée Olivia Munn for their team’s struggles last season. For that reason, a lot of Packers fans were very happy to hear Rodgers and Munn broke up back in April. Now, the thinking goes, Rodgers will go back to being his all-time great quarterback self.

Personally, I didn’t buy into the theory that Munn was behind Rodgers’ slump. However, I am glad they broke up. The fact that Rodgers is unencumbered by a female companion means he is now free to bring back his majestic mustache—which is exactly what he did on Tuesday.

For the last few weeks Rodgers has been sporting a pretty bushy beard underneath his face mask, which you see in the photo above. On Tuesday, however, Rodgers showed up to Packers training camp having shed the lower half of that beard. And, like a beautiful Monarch butterfly emerging from its cocoon, the ugly beard left behind a lush mustache that would make Sam Elliott jealous.

Take a look:

I wish I was half the man Aaron Rodgers’ mustache is.

Hat Tip – [NFL.com]

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