City of Atlanta Has a Colin Kaepernick Mural In a Falcons Jersey (PICS)

If you’re ever in the Atlanta area on the corner of Lowery and Fair Street in the West End, you might just see a noticeable figure wearing a jersey for a team he’s never played for.

Fabian Williams is the artist behind the mural of Colin Kaepernick wearing an Atlanta Falcons jersey. He stated people were non-stop honking their horns, almost getting into accidents, and raising fists in support of what he was doing.

“I’ve gotten nothing but love,” he told SB Nation.

It started out like this…


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Fabian continues: 

Williams believes that Atlanta’s history with black civil rights leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., John Lewis, Andrew Young, Ralph Abernathy, and many others would make the city a fitting destination for Kaepernick. “His stance lines up with Atlanta’s civil rights history, and so if anything his presence here would be a good fit, just because of Atlanta’s legacy outside of his ability as a quarterback.”

As people pulled up to the light where Lowery meets Fair, drivers took pictures, passengers pointed, and pedestrians stopped to observe, finding joy in the perfect touch Williams put on the mural. Near his signature on the building, Williams drew an arrow to the other side of the corner, where it reads, “heroes don’t wear capes.”

He felt the need to express himself with Kaepernick. He came up on the building and saw it as a blank white canvas, realizing on accident the location was near Clark Atlanta University, Spelman, and Morehouse. It worked out just the way he wanted. “I feel like the work also needs to reflect the people that are there,” Williams said.”

Williams went on to explain that his initial goal was to put the mural near Mercedes-Benz Stadium, but he couldn’t find any places close enough, so he went with the West end.

“We should be beautifying our own neighborhoods,” he said. “We need to do it for ourselves.”


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