Jose Aldo Wants To Pursue Boxing Career After Watching McGregor Get $30M

UFC 212 Press Conference

Jose Aldo might be a rival to Conor McGregor, but he certainly wants to follow in his footsteps.

After watching the UFC Lightweight Champion net over $30M in just under 30 minutes after being TKO’d by Floyd Mayweather on Saturday, the Brazilian fighter, who has spent time training in California, definitely wants to pursue a career in boxing, according to his coach Andre Pederneiras.

“He’s training boxing because he has this dream of competing in professional boxing,” Pederneiras said, according to’s Guilherme Cruz. “If it was up to him, he’d fight all of his UFC fights (left on the contract) in three months and go box. He wants to box professionally.”

Pederneiras stated Aldo wants to pursue boxing as soon as possible, but has at least four more bouts on his UFC contract.

“He doesn’t want to stay inactive for a long time,” Pederneiras said, “and there’s both sides; he definitely wants to finish the contract.”

Aldo’s next opponent is rumored to be Cub Swanson.

“We’re waiting for the UFC,” Pederneiras said. “We’re trying to get this fight done, against Cub Swanson or someone else. He wants to fight (against) someone well ranked, and wait for an opportunity to fight for the belt.”
  Jose Aldo famously and embarrassingly lost to Conor McGregor in just 15 seconds back in 2015.

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