REPORT: Bucks Ready To Swoop In If Celtics Don’t Land Kyrie Irving

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Since the Kyrie Irving trade, which was once a done deal, is now up in the air thanks to Isaiah Thomas’ hip issue, other teams are lurking in the hopes that Kyrie may still be in the market in a day or two.

One such team is the Milwaukee Bucks, who have reportedly lined up an offer that includes Malcolm Brogodon and Khris Middleton for the star point guard. This comes to us from a report from ESPN’s Zach Lowe, who also suggests that the Bucks would throw in a first-rounder to more closely match the Celts deal.

Brogodon was the rookie of the year last year, and Middleton put up 15.4 PPG after the All-Star break, so both are likely on the rise.

We’ll see if the Cavs continue to put up a fight about Thomas’ hip or if this Bucks move turns out to be just wishful thinking.

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