The Rock Donates $25,000 to Harvey Relief, Sends Inspirational Message to People of Houston (Video)

the rock donates $25,000 to houston relief

Comedian Kevin Hart issued a challenge to some of his famous friends on Sunday night, urging them to donate money to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

On Tuesday, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson accepted that challenge.

In a video posted to Instagram, The Rock announced that he, like his buddy Kevin Hart, had donated $25,000 to the Red Cross to help people affected by the devastating floods in Texas. The Rock then offered up words of encouragement to the hurricane victims, talking about his own family’s experience living through Hurricane Andrew.

Here’s a transcript of his message:

Any time our country gets hit hard with a natural disaster like Hurricane Harvey, which is mother nature at her strongest wrath, completely devastating the great city of Houston, that kind of stuff has a way of bringing us together as a country. Regardless of race or politics, we all want to step up to the plate and do everything we can to help out our brothers and sisters and families in need.

“Kevin Hart you issued the Hurricane Harvey Challenge. I appreciate you, brother. I just donated my $25,000 to the Red Cross. My companies are donating money.

“I want to send a message to the people of Houston: You gotta stay strong and you gotta hold on to faith. I know what you’re going through. I went through it. My family went through it. We went through Hurricane Andrew, which was a Category 5 hurricane. The eye of that storm crossed directly over us. It was devastating, we survived and we got stronger, and so will you.

“I’m not gonna call out my celebrity friends. You guys already know what to do in terms of donating money. But to the people out there, if you could donate a buck or two to, 1-800 Red Cross, I would appreciate it. Houston would appreciate it.

“Houston, stay strong and hold on to faith.”

Here’s The Rock’s video:

And here is the original video challenge from Kevin Hart:

I’m calling this the Hurricane Harvey Relief Challenge….Lets go @therock @beyonce @chrisrock Jay Z Dave Chappelle @jerryseinfeild @iamsteveharveytv @justintimberlake #HurricaneHarveyReliefChallenge #prayforhouston …..I am getting a link together now people. Help me help Houston….

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Everybody make like Kevin Hart and The Rock and do what you can to help the people affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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