NFL Investigator Recommended No Suspension For Ezekiel Elliott, But Was Barred From Speaking

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Much like the investigation on Tom Brady, the NFL seems dead set on suspending Ezekiel Elliott, despite the mounting evidence that shows his ex-girlfriend not only lied about her abuse, but purposely tried to ruin his career and get paid.

NFL investigator Kia Roberts clearly knew what she was doing, which is why she recommended no suspension for the Dallas Cowboys running back, according to Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

When investigators met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to discuss discipline for Elliott, Roberts was reportedly barred from the meeting by Lisa Friel, the senior vice president for investigations.

“Elliott’s camp promised controverting evidence to the league’s 13-month domestic violence investigation of Elliott, based on claims made by former girlfriend Tiffany Thompson. The possible bombshell evidence came in the form of NFL lead investigator Kia Roberts.

Roberts recommended no suspension for Elliott following her interviews with Thompson during the investigation _ a fact she testified to during the appeals hearing with Henderson, according to a source.

Roberts’ recommendation never made it into the NFL’s final report and the official suspension letter on Aug. 11, which cited the league’s findings of three instances of domestic violence by Elliott against Thompson based on the victim’s testimony and photographic evidence.

Even more troubling is that when NFL commissioner Roger Goodell conducted a meeting to discuss discipline for Elliott, it included Lisa Friel, the senior vice president for investigations, Jeff Pash, executive vice president and general counsel and Adolpho Birch, senior vice president of labor policy and government affairs, among others.

But Roberts was not at the meeting, where Friel recommended a six-game suspension to Goodell.

It was testified during the appeal hearing that Friel barred Roberts from the meeting, per a source.”

Ezekiel Elliott is at least hoping for a reduced suspension, if not a complete overturn of the initial ruling.

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