Stephon Marbury Says He Supports LaVar Ball But Says It’s ‘Brainless’ To Have High-Priced Shoes

stephon marbury calls out michael jordan

If anybody knows anything about low priced shoes, it’s Stephon Marbury. His line of sneakers were launched in September 2006, and at the time you were able to get yourself a pair for only $14.98. He did it to compete with higher priced products endorsed by celebrity athletes.

Over ten years later, LaVar Ball and the Ball family are trying to change the game by starting their own brand with Big Baller Brand. But when Lonzo Ball released his signature shoe a few months ago, it was priced at a whopping $495.

The former New York Knicks star was recently at NYU in Manhattan to give advice to new students beginning their college education. While there, he stated he supports the Ball Family and what they’re trying to do, but stated they need to come down on the prices, because it doesn’t take that much to make shoes at all.

“When I see a sneaker for over $400, for me, that’s kind of brainless because it doesn’t cost that much to make,” Marbury said while addressing NYU students in New York City on Wednesday. “I like the idea of them wanting to own their own brand. I do like that idea, just not for the price tag.”

“I feel like once one kid is harmed by being robbed of his sneakers, I think that’s when the conscious mind has to [say] this isn’t something that should happen on Earth,” Marbury said. “People are losing their lives over things that aren’t important. That’s where I have a problem with that, because it could be my son, it could your son, it could be my daughter, it could be somebody else’s brother or sister. For me, that doesn’t resonate with me as a human being.”

Big Baller Brand obviously didn’t listen. They just released LaMelo Ball’s signature shoe, which is priced at $395.



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