Tony Romo Says Kaepernick is Good Enough To Have A Job But He’s A Distraction (VIDEO)

San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys

After the initial kneeling during the national anthem, more and more athletes are feeling comfortable enough to speak out on the Colin Kaepernick situation and why he’s still un-signed.

Recently retired quarterback Tony Romo offered his opinion on the situation. He had some interesting thoughts on why Kaep is still a free agent, with the start of the NFL season less than a week away.

“Colin Kaepernick is good enough to be on an NFL roster-there’s no question,” is how Tony Romo started this interview.

“For a backup, they don’t want a backup to be a distraction in any capacity. He’s also put himself in a very unique spot.”


It’s pretty clear that NFL owners and GMs don’t want the distraction, as the signing would most likely upset the fan base and create a media frenzy—hence why many believe the former San Francisco 49ers QB is being blackballed.

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