Zab Judah Sentenced To Jail After Owing $120K in Child Support

Zab Judah Open Workout

Zab Judah, 39, is going through the motions after reports surfaced that he was sentenced to three months in jail.

Judah found himself in court on Wednesday because he owes a ridiculous amount of money in child support, and the judge showed no mercy to the four-time boxing champ.

“Brownsville-bred fighter Zab Judah was sent to a neutral corner by a Queens County Family Court judge who pulled no punches in sentencing the 39-year-old pugilist to three months in jail. Judah was in court on Wednesday over $120,000 in back child support payments and didn’t have the dough. In fact, it wasn’t even close.

“He was sentenced to three months to jail and taken away in hand cuffs because he couldn’t pay $12,000,” according to a source familiar with the situation. Our insider said that Judah argued that he wouldn’t be able to pay the $120,000 he owes if he’s locked up and unable to earn. But even when Judge Robert Caloras tried cutting the boxer a break by asking for a bit over 10% of what was owed, the fighter came up short again.

Attorney Steven Gildin, who was in the courtroom for an unrelated case, also had a ringside seat to Judah’s losing fight. “After the Judge ruled, he looked like he was knocked out,” according to Gildin.“He stood, was handcuffed and seemed dazed as he was taken away to jail.”Judah posted on Instagram before being sentenced “Even through the storm Smile I Fear Nothing or no one But GOD #TeamJudah.”

Here’s Zab on Instagram following the verdict:


Even through the storm Smile I Fear Nothing or no one But GOD #TeamJudah

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