After Watching Teammates Get Paid & Not Him, Le’Veon Bell Fills Out Application To Work At Dairy Queen (VIDEO)

AFC Championship - Pittsburgh Steelers v New England Patriots

Le’Veon Bell wants to get paid and he wants his money NOW.

On Thursday, the Pittsburgh Steelers running back sarcastically congratulated general manager Kevin Colbert after he received a contract extension that will keep him with the franchise until 2020.


Then, he followed that post up with a picture of him with a ‘Crying Jordan,’ as everyone else on the current squad continues to get a new contract.

Bell clearly wants his voice to be heard and for the franchise to show him some love with an extension and an insane amount of money. Months ago, he requested to be paid like a #1 running back, as well as a #2 wide receiver, seeing as how he is a dual threat.

We are still less than a week away from the season, and the outspoken running back still hasn’t received the contract he covets so badly.

And with no money coming in at the moment, he decided to fill out an application on Friday to work at a Dairy Queen:

Shots fired at the Steelers front office once again, but will they finally respond by opening their checkbook?

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