Anonymous NFL GM Says Kaepernick is Immature, a Divider, Distraction & Garbage For Fighting Against Social Injustice

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If after reading this, you still believe Colin Kaepernick isn’t blackballed because of his kneeling last year, then there’s simply no changing your mind.

There have been many players that have spoken out in support of the former San Francisco 49ers QB. They love what he did to bring attention to a huge problem in this country. And then there are those who love to stay anonymous and not put their name behind a quote when speaking on Kaepernick.

Insert an anonymous NFL general manager who spoke with Sporting news candidly regarding what he thinks about Colin Kaepernick. He did not hold back, calling Kaepernick immature while referring to the cause he’s fighting for as “garbage.”

“My caution — and I think it is echoed by nearly everyone I’ve talked to — is that he’s become a distraction. At this point, the way he’s handled it, the way he’s tweeting and all that garbage, it doesn’t help.”

He’s become a distraction in a place where winning is foremost. It is an issue of mentality, personality. I think it boils down to maturity.

“Why would you bring in a guy who could split a locker room? As a quarterback, you’re supposed to be a leader, the one guy who can bridge divides.”

But look at the baggage he brings. If you’re an established team, you don’t want that coming in. There’s a perception he’d kill a locker room because he’s such a distraction. He’s not worth the risk given the baggage.

I go back to his comments and social media and all that — it isn’t what you want from anyone in your locker room. Especially not when you want your quarterback to lead.”

What makse these comments even worse and confusing is that the GM admits that Kaepernick is still good enough to play in the league, but he still wouldn’t dare to try and sign him.

“The kid is talented enough to play in this league. He is a Super Bowl quarterback for a reason. But it’s the handling of the situation,” the GM explained. “It makes you pause. Kap has made some bad judgments in the past. You look at this, how he’s embraced the firestorm around him.”

We now sit less than a week from the start of the NFL season and Colin Kaepernick is still a free agent.

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