Ezekiel Elliott Says He Banged Chick From St. Patrick’s Day Parade After Pulling Her Top Down (VIDEO)

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Way back in March, video surfaced on social media showing Ezekiel Elliott, who was already in hot water with domestic violence charges hanging over his head, pulling a young lady’s shirt down and exposing her breasts to thousands of onlookers.

During cross examination, lawyers brought up that incident at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and the NFL referenced that incident in its domestic violence investigation report.

Back in August, the Dallas Cowboys running back testified during his appeals hearing in front of an arbitrator that the young lady couldn’t have been too upset with him, because they had sex later that night, according to TMZ.

“But Elliott says the NFL didn’t have all the  facts — insisting the woman is a friend and he believes he had “consent” to grab her shirt because she “wanted” him to. 

Elliott testified that she didn’t give him explicit permission before the incident but he found out later she was okay with it. 

When asked during the hearing if that’s what he thinks “consent” means — Elliott replied, “I mean, I think consensual to me means it’s wanted. I mean it’s okay.”

Elliott says the two went home and had sex after the parade — and again at a later date — which proves she didn’t feel he committed any wrongdoing.”

The 2nd year running back just recently filed a lawsuit against the league after receiving a six-game suspension for a domestic violence claim. That claim was dropped by police because of a lack of evidence, as well as mounting evidence that suggested the accuser was lying and trying to purposely ruin him and his career.

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