Ezekiel Elliott Told Investigators Accuser Wasn’t His Girlfriend, Just One of Many He Was Banging

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On the heels on Ezekiel Elliott filing a lawsuit against the NFL over his suspension that may cost him six games to start the season, more information has been revealed.

The Dallas Cowboys running back reportedly told NFL investigators he was never in a serious relationship with his domestic violence accuser. Rather, she was just one of many girls he had in his rotation at the time.

TMZ Sports details what happened next:

“Problem is … the NFL says his text messages tell a completely different story. 

It’s all spelled out in the NFL’s 199 page investigative report on Zeke, dated June 6, 2017. 

In the section titled, “Background of the Relationship” — the NFL says Tiffany Thompson described their relationship as “boyfriend/girlfriend.”

But Elliott told investigators, “She was just one of the many girls he was having sex with.”

Zeke explained, “they ‘liked each other,’ ‘cared about each other,’ but were never in a ‘relationship,’ she was never his ‘girlfriend.'”

The NFL says that’s a lie … things were so serious between the two, Elliott told Tiffany in text messages he loved her and wanted to marry her. 

“In numerous text messages recovered, Mr. Elliott told Ms. Thompson he loved her and that he had had sex with other girls but she was the one he loved.”

“In others, he talked about how he didn’t know why he fell in love with her, how he missed her after one day apart.”

“In others, he referred to her as his ‘girlfriend,’ told her that he didn’t think he would ever find anyone better to have a ‘relationship’ with, and at one point after she had said they should break up because they were fighting so much, he said, ‘Maybe we should take a break. I’m not ready to commit & don’t want to put you through this anymore.’ ‘I hope one day when you come back to me I’ll be your husband.”

There was also a discrepancy about when the two lived together — Thompson said she moved in with Zeke in Fall 2015 and stayed with him until Jan 2016. 

Both Zeke and his father told police she NEVER lived with him — but Thompson was able to produce written documentation and a car insurance bill that proved she lived at his address. 

The league says the inconsistency may have to do with everyone’s definition of what “living together” means . 

Bottom line — the NFL says it was able to determine that Zeke and Thompson WERE in an intimate relationship at the time of the alleged violence incident in July 2016 — which would qualify the matter as “domestic violence.”

Well before the decision was handed down, Ezekiel released text messages showing that the accuser admitting to lying about the entire situation. Multiple witnesses also told police that the entire story she laid out about the day he reportedly abused her was false.

NFL investigator Kia Roberts is the only one to have actually interview the accuser during the 13-month investigation. She suggested that Ezekiel’s suspension should be overturned, but she was ultimately barred from revealing her findings to Roger Goodell during a meeting on the matter.

The league ultimately justified Elliott’s suspension by stating that he had caused injuries to Thompson on at least three different occasions.

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