Joy Taylor Speaks on The Damage The NFL is Potentially Doing to Real Victims of Domestic Violence (VIDEO)

Joy Taylor

Aside from the Colin Kaepernick situation, the Ezekiel Elliott case is the hottest topic in the NFL. The evidence seems to prove that he is innocent of what he is being accused of, but he still received a six-game suspension from the league.

We’ve seen numerous players who are guilty of domestic violence get punished as they should be. But how about those who were not charged because the evidence didn’t suggest they were guilty of domestic violence?

Zeke is currently in a battle with the league, as he is being labelled as a “woman abuser,” in the form of a six-game suspension. And despite the NFL’s lead investigator suggesting there should be no punishment for the Cowboys running back following the 13-month investigation, Elliott was still punished anyway.

On Friday’s edition of the ‘Undisputed,’ Fox Sports 1’s Joy Taylor recounted her own experience of domestic violence. She spoke on the damage the league could potentially be doing to victims of real domestic violence.


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