Massive Brawl With Flying Kicks, Punches, & Objects Breaks Out During Chinese League Basketball Game (VIDEO)

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During a playoff game between the Guangxi Rhinos and Henan Shedianlaojiu in China’s National Basketball League, the game had to be stopped as a massive brawl broke out between the teams.

And it got ugly.

The video doesn’t capture the actual fight. It should be noted that several former NBA players are on the Guangxi team, including former Sacramento Kings center Sim Bhullar, Boston Celtics draftee Marcus Thornton, and former Baylor star Isaiah Austin.

The video caption details more about the fight:

“In the NBL Playoffs in China, a league knows for Import players putting up ridiculous numbers and where defense doesn’t really exist there was the biggest fight of the year, the game was not continued and the league is waiting to see what is next. It was Game 2 of the series being played in Henan, where Sim Bhullar and Isaiah Austin are the imports. Sim was involved in the brawl mostly trying to break of the fight, but seemed to get hit in the process. Isaiah is not seen in any of the footage. Opposing Imports Josh Akognon, Chris Otule are seen just watching the show unfold and chilling as their teammates go to war in the wrong ways. If you still don’t know what league this is, it’s where Russ Smith is averaging over 60 ppg and where former NBA Star Hassan Whiteside used to play taking his team to a championship. This fight will be the first big negative thing CBA Commissioner Yao Ming will have to deal.”

Both teams are awaiting their fate as they both could be disqualified from the playoffs after the incident, with players potentially facing suspensions of up to three years.

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