Michael Rapaport Calls Lonzo Ball A ‘Funny Looking MotherF*cker’ For Disrespecting Nas

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On Thursday, Lonzo Ball, who is not known for upsetting people with his mouth, did just that.

During a trip to New York in the first episode of ‘Ball In The Family,’ the Los Angeles Lakers rookie point guard disrespected the entire hip-hop community by stating that rap legend Nas was outdated and nobody listens to him anymore.

He then followed that up by saying ‘Future’ and ‘Migos’ are “real hip hop.”

“Someone off-camera says they’re going to get Lonzo to listen to some “real hip-hop,” to which he replies “That’s not gonna happen.” Then he piles on, saying “Y’all outdated man. Don’t nobody listens to Nas no more.” Finally he adds “Real hip-hop is Migos and Future,” while mimicking the stop and go flow of the day.”


Like he always does when something upsets him dearly, actor Michael Rapaport took out his phone, hit record, and proceeded to blast the ‘funny looking motherf*cker’ that is Lonzo Ball for disrespecting Nas. He even called his comments, “Big Baller Brand bullshit.”

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